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Tom Otvos has been involved in commercial software development since 1989, and the Internet and Internet-related software development since 1995 with the creation of one of the first web application servers on the market.

Since 2006, Tom has been using that experience to help companies and individuals get the most out of technology and the Internet. And as what might be called a “serial entrepreneur”, Tom has also been involved in a number of start-ups in a variety of business domains. Most recently, he was a co-founder and CTO of Syntora, Inc., a company whose mission was to create powerful software solutions for the call centre space, empowering call centre agents to outperform their goals, and for the businesses that use call centres to maximize their investments in those agents. In 2006, Tom and his partners sold Syntora to Voice Print International, a California-based telephony solutions provider, for whom Tom continues to consult on a regular basis.

Prior to co-founding Syntora, he was Chief Technology Officer at HomeProject.com, where he helped architect and build cutting-edge 3D design and visualization technology for the Web, enabling non-technical users to see and manipulate 3D objects and scenes in their browser, and enterprises to integrate 3D presentation with their back-office systems. In his role as CTO, he was active in detailed architecture and product design of ActiveX controls and J2EE-compliant servers, technical competitive analysis, strategic partnership development, as well as good ole’ hard-core coding.

Tom briefly served as the CTO of Aucxis Corp., an e-business startup that was providing real-time auction solutions to various perishable goods marketplaces. While there, he initiated the design of a real-time financial services hub, built on a TIBCO backbone, to facilitate the clearing of purchases against available lines of credit through a major Dutch bank. The solution involved the coordination of development efforts with partners in Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Before that, Tom was Director of Web Research for Pervasive Software Inc. where he was involved in the design and development of several generations of application servers and rapid application development environments on Macintosh, Windows, Unix, and Linux operating platforms, one of which was used by one of the first banks to provide online financial services. Additionally, he was extensively involved in research surrounding using XML in business-to-business transactions and dynamic content generation for everything from traditional web browsers to wireless web devices.

Prior to his involvement in web-related technology, he was deeply involved in the design and development of SQL database servers, peer-to-peer file servers, and generic database libraries. These projects started with Advantage Software, Inc., where Tom was one of the only two employees, until it merged with EveryWare Development Corp. in 1991. EDC grew to over 90 employees, and was eventually bought by Pervasive Software in 1998.

As a graduate of the University of Toronto with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering, he has also worked as a consulting scientist for the Canadian Department of Defense, and an aerodynamicist and control system specialist for Pratt and Whitney Canada. Both roles leveraged his research specialty in computer modeling, especially of high-speed fluid flows.

Tom has written and spoken on a variety of topics, including XML, interactive 3D, and e-business performance metrics, as well as numerous advanced programming subjects.

Tom Otvos is a Professional Engineer, registered with the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

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