“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” - Steve Jobs


Through a long technical career, Tom has developed a tremendous amount of expertise in a wide variety of areas, and that expertise is available in short- or long-term consulting arrangements.

Whether your interest is in Internet-based technology, or more traditional software development, here are just some of the fields of expertise you can tap:


  • Content management (Joomla, WordPress)
  • Social networking (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace)
  • Web site design
  • Online commerce


  • Windows desktop software
  • Macintosh desktop software
  • Windows/Unix server software
  • iPhone/iPad software
  • System/process integration

Problem Domains

  • Media
  • Telephony
  • Transportation
  • Mobile applications


  • SQL Database architecture
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technology research
  • Patent research

If you want something done, don’t get too hung up on price at the outset. I love cool stuff so let’s start talking and, if I get excited enough, we will no doubt be able to strike a deal.

Rates depend on the length and type of engagement, with short-term consultations starting at $125/hr, or $1000/day, in Canadian funds. Research projects are highly variable in price, but are typically quoted on as complete packages rather than time-based projects.

Regardless of the project, full estimates are provided so you know exactly what you are getting. And if a project does get off the ground, any initial consultation fee is gladly refunded.

Web Site Development

I am frequently asked if I “do websites”. Technically, the answer is “yes” although that is not my bread and butter. But I do have a great deal of expertise in that space (see above), and depending on availability can do small or large site implementations. Here are a few examples:

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