“Try not! Do, or do not. There is no 'try'.” - Yoda


Apart from consulting with companies and individuals, here are some of the other projects I am currently working on (that I can talk about).


CapZooCapZoo is about creating amazing content on your mobile device, organizing it better than you even thought possible and sharing it in the way that you wish.

CapZoo leverages the core functionality of modern mobile devices, namely photos, videos, audio and notes to create complete multi-media documents of the things that matter to you most. It then packages that media in a single package of relevant content to be efficiently stored and/or shared.

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Secret In The Dirt

The Secret In The Dirt project was a large consulting project that deserves a bit of extra mention here because of the various technologies it touched. The project involved a re-implementation of an existing site that was based on Joomla and the JomSocial social networking component. At the time the project started, they already had a user base of 15,000 registered users, and had hundreds of visitors a day. The original implementation, however, was plagued by numerous performance and scalability issues and needed a fresh start to enable the site owners to potentially scale to at least an order of magnitude larger user base. Read on »

My Band Site

My Band Site LogoThe My Band Site solution came about from a desire to empower new musicians to create distinct, and professional, web identities without being hamstrung by the limitations offered by the de facto standard MySpace. Identifying the needs of indie musicians, and marrying it to a powerful CMS, the result is a smooth and simple system that can be branded to an artist in hours.

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Cream.fm is a project that is currently in “stealth mode”, but do stay tuned because there’s something happening here.

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