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My Band Site

My Band Site LogoThe My Band Site solution came about from a desire to empower new musicians to create distinct, and professional, web identities without being hamstrung by the limitations offered by the de facto standard MySpace. Identifying the needs of indie musicians, and marrying it to a powerful CMS, the result is a smooth and simple system that can be branded to an artist in hours.

Using Joomla as the content engine, as well as a host of useful extensions, an artist’s site is templated such that when someone comes on board, they merely need to define their particular look-and-feel, as well as provide the site content (bio, press, media files). After that, and this is key, they are shown how easy it is to update their content, giving them the keys to maintaining a fresh, current site.

While not intended to replace MySpace or Facebook, two essentials in the social marketing arsenal, My Band Site gives artists a powerful tool to promote their unique brand.

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